WHERE: Barcelona, Caixa Forum

WHEN: until 27th of March 2017

ENTRY: 4 euros, includes the other exhibitions of Caixa


Arte y cine. 120 años de intercambios ( Art an cinema. 120 years of exchanges), the exposition organised by La Caixa in collaboration with Cinémathèque française takes us for a journey through the history of cinema seen through the lens of art. With sections divided by decades, the exhibition presents a detailed analisys on how art has influenced the cinematography and how cinema has became an art by itself. Since the very first attempts to portrait the essence of movement with photography and brothers´Lumiere works till the modern recordings of water paintings, we receive the full view on the history of dialogue in between filmmakers and artists.


As I´ve been recently interested in various approaches to the theme of dream, what especially drew my attention was the whole section dedicated for it  including the dream sequence directed by Dali for Hitchcock´s 1945 Spellbound and oneiric Bunuel´s visions. Fans of Nouvelle Vague and vintage posters shouldn´t be dissapointed as well.

TIP: Descriptions only in Spanish. My level is absolutely low, though I still recommend the visit as the fragments of movies and paintings tell their own story anyway.


BARCELONA- FOXY CINEMA CLUB : in music we trus t


WHEN: every Monday,, from 9th of January till 27th of March.

WHERE: Foxy Bar, Riera Alta 59, 08001 Barcelona (El Raval)

Moving to Barcelona three months ago, I’ve quickly started missing intimate movie screenings in the bars, that I used to attend in Poland. Foxy Bar filled the gap- not only the presented  films are cool, but also the bar itself has an amazing cozy atmosphere.

As a binge- watcher of any kind of documentaries ( VICE stories and Youtube bbc 90s horrible quality docs too), I cannot be more pleased with a weekly dose of well- made movies stuffed with precious information about the rock icons. This cycle features music legends such as Nina Simone, Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Blur and many many more.

TIP: come at least 10 minutes before, the space is quite limited.